500 BBL V Bottom Frac Tank - (21,000 Gallons)

Our clients has commented that this design has saved “man hours” when inspecting and dipping. We will custom paint to your company specs


500 BBL Round Bottom Frac Tank Trailer

500 BBL Round Bottom Frac Tank (21,000 Gallons)

Optional jets and mixers, can be used with mud mxing, or heavier fluids. Included is our double stairway


500 BBL Round Bottom Frac Tank Trailer / Gunline

21,000 gallon round bottom frac tank Used for heavier fluids like mud. Painted to your specs


250 BBL Round Bottom Frac Tank Trailer

Can be built to your spec. This image has manifold and mixers. Call for more information


330 BBL Round Bottom Open Top Gas Buster

Open top mud tank design that is DOT compliant


300 BBL Open Top Mud Tank

This open top mud tank has an open for easy access. Built to specs.


200 BBL Open Top Skidded Mud Tank

Skidded open top mud designed for winch truck.


500 BBL Open Top Gas Buster Tank Trailer

21000 Gallon gas buster trailer with 4 butterfly value, can be used as a flowback tank


330 BBL Gas Buster Tank Trailer-


Aeration Digester Tank


500 BBL Skidded Frac Tanks

This frac tank can be easily loaded on a winch truck. Skidded Frac Tanks can help with workover rigs, drilling, or other chemicals.


500 BBL Skidded Frac Tank Trailer With Axle

This 21,000 gallon fac tank has a skidded base and axle for easy moving.